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Bori & Jaye


I came across the word ‘doula’ after my own two births, when I was helping a friend of mine with hers. I instantly became fascinated with the process of pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period. I helped my friend and some of family members during birth, and helped them and many others as a birth and postpartum doula after their babies were born. Soon after, I decided that this will be my path in life. I loved seeing women so powerful and overcome their fears and worries, birthing their babies with strength and confidence.

My main goal as a doula is to help you feel as safe and comfortable as possible, and, even more importantly, work with you to build your self-confidence regarding giving birth. I believe that birthing happens as much in the mind/soul as in the physical body, and if the mother (and partner) are well informed and aware of what’s happening during pregnancy and birth in her body, it will enable her to keep her calm, strength, and confidence.

Coming from another country, I know how confusing and hard it can be to navigate in a new place. I can help you find your way when you’re preparing for your baby’s birth, be it in a hospital, birthing center, or home. I have experience with New York and Long Island hospitals, midwife practices and home births, so I can help you choose whichever best suits your needs and preferences.

My other passion is natural skin care and essential oils. In the past, I always looked for the ‘right’ products for myself and my family. My interest in organic options made me start experimenting with natural ingredients and DIY recipes. In the process, I became learned about essential oils, and became a certified aromatherapist through The New York Institute of Aromatic Studies. Seeking to reinforce the healing and beautifying qualities of my creams, I began using pure essential oils to find my own blending style. This led to creating a line of chemical-free, organic products, which reflect my own attitude to life: Simple, Natural, and Easy.

As a doula, I discovered the beneficial effect of my oils, creams, and salves on the body and soul of the mothers before and after the birth, as well as  for their babies. It followed only naturally that I started to create a line of mama and baby products, that would help mothers relax and heal after the birth.


“My husband and I knew right after our first phone conversation with Bori that she was perfect for us. Her positive energy, calmness and experience was exactly the type of doula we wanted for the birth of our daughter. Throughout labor and delivery she was able to anticipate my needs, helping with massages, offering her essential oils to help with nausea and contractions, keeping me hydrated and really everything. She teamed up extremely well with my husband and he enjoyed partnering with her. Bori didn’t leave the hospital until I was settled and she knew I didn’t need anything else. We are so happy to have chosen Bori as our doula!” 

– Serenity & Juan

Jaye has been in the birth business in the tri-state area since 2014 but had her first birth while a freshman in college supporting her roommate with an adoption. She has birthed twins in CT, supported single parents in NJ, and home births in BK, as well as most of the major hospitals in NYC/BK.


Jaye Maynard McClure attended her first birth while in college and fell under the birth spell of life-affirming transformation that is the gift of the work of labor, delivery and the childbearing year. She has learned from her own reproductive journey much of what she shares as a Perinatal Health Educator. She lives in Park Slope, Brooklyn with her husband Spike, and is currently receiving continuing education and training in The Manhattan Birth Masters Program.


Jaye is an Advanced Holistic, Hospital and Postpartum Doula, trained by The Matrona organization. Jaye is a Certified Breastfeeding Counselor with additional certifications in CPR, and NRP. Jaye especially loves the wonder weeks of the 4th trimester, supporting, negotiating and confidently reinforcing newborn care during overnights and first weeks as baby enters your lives as newborn parents.

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