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Leigh Cohen



Leigh has been a resident of New York City for almost 10 years, but was raised in the mountains of Virginia. With a background in Psychology and years working in "Corporate America," it took the birth of her son to realize birth work was where she wanted to be. She has always had a passion for newborn care, but having her own child allowed her to see the process of pregnancy, labor and birth in a whole new light. 

Leigh is often inspired by her clients and continues to challenge herself to not only support the mothers and families through the prenatal period and birth, but also providing them a wealth of resources to support the postpartum period. You can ensure feeling completely comfortable and cared for with her by your side. She does not force her or other values upon you, but instead, gives you everything you need to make informed decisions. Other than being utmost professional, Leigh is calm, patient, loving and an expert in her field. 

During a birth, Leigh believes that not only a child is born, but it is an awakening moment for the mother. She strives to support all types of birth environments, ensuring the mother is doing what she feels is best for her and her baby(ies). 

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