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Laura Kradas



Laura Kradas is a hair bow wearing enthusiast, high spirited, thoughtful, wife, mommy of two (one beautiful rainbow), southern transplant who calls Astoria, New York home. Transitioning from a career in Business Development and Public Relations, Laura’s own journey through fertility and birth shaped her future career path. In 2017, Laura became a certified birth doula helping birthers feel empowered, educated and centered throughout their birthing journey. 


Noticing a need for fertility support and the transition to pregnancy after treatments, in January of 2019, Laura opened the doors on to support families. Laura understands living in two-week cycles, moving in a hurry up and wait process and the extreme highs and deep lows that come with infertility and miscarriages.


In 2019, Laura, a National Urban Fellow, graduated with a master’s degree in Public Administration, writing her capstone thesis on fertility benefits in the workplace, particularly how they dually enhance an organization’s diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts while reducing overall healthcare costs. Recently, Laura has taken on a new role as Director of Business Development for Mommy Brain, a digital platform connecting women to expert-led guidance and a global community of moms that provides perinatal education, as well as mental and emotional support.


Laura believes that one’s fertility journey influences one's birth. She hopes to be the best friend through the process who just gets it, while helping debrief doctor calls, organizing shot medication and supporting individuals and partners. She believes that it is important to have an outlet to help save time, cost and mental health. Laura’s dream, while supporting families, is to work within the reproductive justice space and help lower the number of mothers dying from birth complications.

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