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Sophia Medina


Sophia Medina

Birth is the most badass and sacred thing we do. It transforms us in ways that nothing else does. When we are laboring and birthing our babies, we are extremely vulnerable, so the support (or lack thereof) we have can make or break our experience. That’s where I come in!

I first fell in love with birth while I was pregnant with my first son.  I came to understand how truly divine and sacred the journey to parenthood is, and I developed a deep respect for procreation and all that goes with it. After doing lots of research, I planned my perfect birth (ha!), but babies have their own plans. When my labor began deviating from the plan, my doula looked into my eyes and said “You can do this” and I believed her. And I did do it. My son’s birth was completely different from what I had hoped for, but it was mine. What may have been a traumatic experience was still hard, but I credit my doula for creating the space for me to have both agency and dignity.

Only you can birth your baby, but having a supportive team is everything. As your doula I promise to trust you and your body, create space for you to make your own decisions, and to ground you while you travel to and back from what we call “labor land”.

My hope is to be a source of comfort, encouragement, humor and information during your birth journey. Whether you are planning to birth at home, in a hospital, or haven’t decided, I promise to facilitate educated decision-making for you and your partner. Always, the question at the center of my mission is “How will they remember this?”. Your birth experience will stay with you for the rest of your life. Together, let’s make it as empowering and joyful as you deserve.

In addition to being a doula and lactation specialist, I’m also a wife, silversmith, gardener, meditation practitioner and mother of two beautiful boys.

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