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Simone is a Certified Doula who lives in Queens, NY but also travels inter-state. She has over 25 years of combined experience as a Certified Full Spectrum Doula, Professional Coach, and Corporate Trainer. She is a mom of 2, who all live a holistic and natural lifestyle and who come from a long lineage of southern natural healers. She also runs Pearls Consulting as a corporate trainer and coach with 20+ years of combined experience. She has functioned in multitude of situations that call for a combination of nurturing care, diplomacy, and attention to detail. Birth, especially in a modern hospital setting, will require all of these skills to ensure you the best care and experience possible.

Simone is a certified full spectrum Doula (offering day and night postpartum support), lactation counselor, herbalist, and placenta encapsulator.


"Simone was an amazing doula, and addition to our labor team. We felt safe and protected having Simone around, as she did everything in her power to protect our peace and execute our birth plan as best as possible. She provided a sense of comfort and security, and kept us well informed every step of the way. I honestly don't know how we would have managed without her, and we are so grateful to have had Simone as our doula. Even after giving birth Simone provided additional post-partum support and went the extra mile to help us feel secure and comfortable with adjusting to our new lifestyle. 100% would recommend Simone to anyone looking for additional labor or post-partum support." 

-Stephanie B.

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