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Shirin is a holistic doula and certified breastfeeding counselor. Her mission is to foster a positive environment, offer practical support, and nurture a healing space for new parents during major life transitions and transformations. Shirin balances her private practice with community activism and advocates to keep both the birth and postpartum seasons personal, sacred, spiritual, and spacious. She's passionate about empowering cultural creative expression for all mothers throughout their parenthood journey. She currently provides birth and postpartum care, prenatal postpartum planning, perinatal meal preparation, birth processing, placenta art, babywearing counseling, lactation counseling, and ceremonial bodywork.


"I had a planned home birth at 42 weeks with Shirin as my supporting doula, and it went wonderfully.  I connected with Shirin when I was already 37 weeks. She was responsive, available, calm and supportive throughout our partnership; she went above and beyond to be there for me in our prenatal sessions and before the birth.  I was truly at a low point waiting for labor to begin at 41+3, afraid and sad at the prospect of being transferred to the hospital. I would've been lost if not for her. She showed up when I needed it and helped me with affirmations, exercises, arranging my home to get ready for the birth. She even offered to get down and dirty with me in the gym. I was touched from the bottom of my heart by her support and it did help me get through to 41+6 when labor finally started.  She was the first support to arrive during labor and I was so grateful for that. At one point, I was really feeling the discomfort and unsure if I could go on; I told her that there was "so much pressure" and she responded "good." That was a small gesture but it gave me the push I needed to keep trusting the process. I believe my little guy was born 2 hours after!  She fed me, cleaned up, and supported me immediately after the babe was born. She also came by with a bunch of goodies in our postpartum session (including a Sitz bath) which was INVALUABLE in allowing me to pee without discomfort lol. Just something I never would've thought to do myself.  All in all - she's amazing. Don't hesitate!"

-Scout Y.

"The fourth trimester has been such a vulnerable and intimate period for our family, especially as first time parents.  We asked Shirin to be part of our "village" and it was one of the most empowering and beneficial decisions we made throughout our pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience.  She is nurturing and supportive, knowledgeable and balanced in her perspective.  She honors the ritual and traditions of motherhood (and parenthood, in general), while also helping to develop and implement a path to healing that fits within our lifestyle, and is attainable and sustainable.  She creates a safe space to process and heal emotionally and physically from whatever your birth experience may be, and her food is incredible!  As first time parents, we took classes and read books, but nothing could have truly prepared us for the fourth trimester.  I cannot imagine surviving (and even thriving!) the fourth trimester without Shirin's unwavering support - truly life changing.  I would highly recommend her to anyone who is even *considering* a postpartum doula."

-Sarah S.

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