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Maya is a Certified Advanced Holistic Doula, Lactation Counselor, and Hypnobirthing Support Doula. Maya has been attending births since 2009 and she has a deep respect for the ability of pregnant people to birth intuitively when they feel safe, loved and calm.

As a doula, her commitment is to guide you with warmth and compassion in this special time, supporting your natural instincts as you prepare for birth and life with a newborn. Her practice combines a rational, evidenced-based approach with a holistic focus on the body-mind connection. She also draws a healthy dose of practicality from her own personal experience as a mother of two.

Maya is certified in Perinatal Havening. Havening is a psychosensory healing modality that has helped her clients gain confidence in the birthing process, overcome fear of hospitals and doctors, heal traumatic birth experiences, and overall feel more joy and create a stronger bond between parents and babies.


"Today baby turns one!  I reflected all day and thought about you and all your loving and empowering support. So grateful for all the ways you walked with me as I (literally) roared into motherhood with some grace, lots of humility, and borrowed confidence until it became more and more my own." 

-Cazzie and Gerardo

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