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Julia grew up with a love for utilitarian creativity, finding passion in knitting, sewing, baking and gardening.  She currently lives in Brooklyn, NY with her big orange cat, Sunshine. Care and comfort is central in all Julia’s relationships with family, friends, and community members. Julia will work with you to provide compassionate, intuitive, and individualized care to fit your personal needs and goals.

Julia is honored to be your doula no matter who you are. Her commitment to providing nonjudgmental and accessible doula services, a practice that stems from her degree in Women & Gender Studies, became fully realized through her Full-Spectrum Doula Training at Ancient Song in Brooklyn, NY.  She believes fervently that every person deserves advocacy, unconditional support, and comfort during times of transition. As a queer person, Julia feels deeply connected to holding space for and working with LGBTQ+ families and community.

Julia will be there with you to rub your back, hold your hand, and support you through the ebbs and flows of labor, your shifting needs, and the surprises of the postpartum period. She looks forward to working with you and your growing family!

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