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Hey! My name is Jess (she/her).

When I found out that I had (finally) gotten pregnant two years ago, I knew I wanted a doula simply because I wanted someone in the room who had been through this before. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, which meant my husband definitely had no clue what he was getting into.

Well, we were right about one thing: we had no idea what we were doing. And I have no shame saying this! There is a 

significant learning curve for first time parents.

After reading all the books, taking all the classes, doing all the research and agonizing over a birth plan, I was sure I had it “figured out” and settled on a no intervention, unmedicated hospital birth (of course!).

But childbirth has a funny way of taking the best-laid plans and saying, “Watch this.”

Baby decided to make himself very comfortable in the womb; I reluctantly agreed to an induction at 42 weeks. And while I won't get into the details of what transpired during labor, I ended up with all the induction methods and then an epidural. Essentially the opposite of what I had planned!

But because we had the support of an incredible doula, I had a positive birth experience. My birth plan may not have come to fruition the way I had hoped, but I had set myself up for an amazing experience by making sure I had the right people in the room. For me, that was my husband and my doula.

After coming out of the fog of the first few months postpartum, I continued to devour anything I came across related to pregnancy and birth. And soon realized that I could put this passion and knowledge to good use helping others feel as good about their birth experience as I feel about mine.

So I became a doula too.

And I couldn't be more excited to partner with you on your birth journey.

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