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Emi believes that birth is an act of creation and that this profound experience, unique for every body, deserves to be fully honored. She meets birthwork with deep-hearted gratitude to offer support during such a significant threshold of change in someone’s life.

Emi views birth and new parenthood as an invitation for transformation. It was within her own healing journey that the role of the doula called to her, and she is committed to learning and serving in this space. Emi’s approach to the care she offers is grounded in holistic wellness, honoring the body's innate wisdom, and centering joy and pleasure as guiding energies. She trusts that YOU are your own greatest strength and that you deserve to have a consistent and compassionate presence by your side as you journey through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

With a degree in social work and over a decade spent working with children and families, Emi brings her experience in advocacy and caretaking to her present work as a doula. Her training as a birth and postpartum doula was through Mama Glow in Brooklyn, NY, focusing on both an embodied and evidence-based practice. Her additional birthwork education includes Trauma Informed Birth Support, Birth Reimagined (activating a change model in birthwork), and Jaguar: Call of the Wild (navigating body intelligence and the nervous system).

Emi is especially passionate about the early postpartum period of life. In this season, that can simultaneously be filled with bliss and intense change, a deep remembering and a way back to yourself can be nurtured when the right rhythms of care and nourishment are established. Ultimately, Emi desires for her clients to feel heard and understood, validated and encouraged, and inspired and grounded to embrace the new life unfolding in and around them.

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