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Demi-Joy Selzer was born and raised in New York City. Demi trained as a birth doula through Birthday Presence and as a postpartum doula through Carriage House Birth and then attended a two year long virtual doula mentorship through Manhattan Birth. 

Before entering the birth world, Demi worked as a nanny for 10 years specializing in infants and babies where she focused on a gentle approach to raising children. While nannying, she would take on birth and postpartum clients part time but it wasn’t until she had her own birth in December of 2019 with her first born- that she decided to dive deep in to birth work as a birth, postpartum and postpartum overnight doula, providing lactation support and leading new parent support groups. 

Demi’s goal is to help support parents in achieving a supportive birth and postpartum period- whatever that might look like. When Demi is not supporting a client she is spending time with her husband and two boys (ages 3 & 1) in Queens, NY where they live.

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