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Brittney Kildare


Brittney Kildare

Hi! My name is Brittney Kildare and I am a DONA trained birth doula and Women’s Choice Perinatal Services trained Placenta Encapsulation Specialist.

A wife, mother, and dance instructor, my journey to becoming a doula began with my own first pregnancy in 2019. Through having a difficult pregnancy and depending on my family and friends for encouragement, a passion for birth work grew.

In 2009, I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Dance Performance from Oakland University and a Master’s degree in Dance Education from New York University in 2017. In my coursework for both degrees, the study of human anatomy was imperative. I believe that labor positions are to labor what choreography is to dance; allowing your body to push through discomfort and rhythmically guide baby down the pelvis.

I am passionate about the health and safety of Mamas and their babies, believing that being informed can help save lives. As your birth doula, my highest priority is to build a trusting relationship. I provide empathetic support during labor, a comforting touch, and thoughtful guidance for those seeking to more efficiently communicate with their chosen care providers.

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