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Beth (she/her/hers) is a Certified Birth Doula (CHB), Full Spectrum Doula (Cornerstone), Hypnobirthing Doula (HBNY), Lactation Consultant and Childbirth Educator (DTI) based in Brooklyn, NY. By providing honest, non-judgmental birth coaching, current data and information, space holding techniques and a sense of humor, Beth's goal is for her clients to feel joyfully supported, seen, empowered and informed throughout their birth and postpartum experience. She is drawn to this work because of the deep, genuine connection she makes with her clients, and loves to instill joy & confidence as they navigate their childbearing year.

Beth began her work as a doula in 2018, and has since supported dozens of families in all boroughs of NYC, in hospitals, birth centers and at home. She is currently a mentee in Manhattan Birth’s Advanced Doula Mentorship. When she's not supporting families, you could find her flexing her cooking skills, creating labor playlists or watching a stand up comedy show on Zoom. She's been a Greenpoint resident since 2018 (and in NYC since 2016), where she lives with her partner and beloved cat Clover.


"Working with a doula was our best decision after deciding to have a baby. I knew even before getting pregnant that I wanted to work with a doula, but I could never have imagined just how beneficial and impactful it would be. From our very first meeting with our doula team, we felt supported and heard. We regularly reached out to them with questions and they had so many resources to make an overwhelming process feel doable and exciting. The amount of knowledge and empathy they possess is astounding. And once birth got started they were even more clutch. It was impossible for my husband and me to remember and act on everything we had learned once we were in the thick of it. Our doula guided us through everything from deciding when to go to the hospital, to finding comfortable(ish) positions through each phase of labor, to navigating conversations with the care team. To be so supported by someone you trust through such a vulnerable process is priceless. This is what health care should always look like." 


"Beth is truly passionate about caring for birthing people and empowering them and their families to make decisions that are right for them. She is calm, intuitive and kind. It's always wonderful to meet someone who has found their calling, and Beth will always hold a special place in our hearts for being their for us when we welcomed our baby." 

-Sheyda F

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