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Adriane is a Master Babywearing Educator, Postpartum Doula, Gentle Sleep Coach, Lactation Counselor and Mom to two boys living in Brooklyn, NYC. She's passionate about providing fun and relatable postnatal education and support to new families, and also to other postpartum doulas! Her contagious enthusiasm and relatable teaching style make new concepts and complex skills easy to learn and integrate. Through virtual and in-person classes, consultations, and mentorships, families and students gain real tools that empower them immediately in their everyday lives.

After the birth of her first son, Adriane fell in love with babywearing - the most critical skill that she learned as a new parent. She founded Caribou Baby and Wild Was Mama in 2011, Brooklyn’s beloved Natural Baby/Maternity shops and Class spaces. For more than a decade, she’s helped thousands of families find their confident, joyful groove in parenting by teaching them how to develop real skills and strategies, instead of just buying stuff and quick solutions. Her babywearing and postpartum work has been featured widely on news and parenting platforms, including Good Morning America, The New York Times, and Crain’s New York.


“I cannot say enough good things about Adriane! We were lucky enough to have her support when our second child was born, and honestly I don’t know how I would have survived the first few weeks home. From helping me find the right postpartum underwear, to navigating my kitchen and making dinner for my family, Adriane was an incredible help. She guided me through the challenges of breastfeeding, made delicious food that helped with milk supply and postpartum healing, helped with my physical care and recovery, provided me with babywearing help, tidied up the house, entertained my two year old, and offered much needed emotional support and encouragement to not only me, but my entire family. She was warm, loving and reassuring when I desperately needed it. I can’t imagine birth without a postpartum doula to help after. Hire her!” 

-Claire, mom of 2 

“Adriane has a dynamic skill set like no other! She made her time spent with us count in a plethora of ways that further uplifted our wonderful birth experience and helped round out and steady our emergence into the postpartum phase: from offering earnest emotional support, to bringing a warm & light-hearted energy into our space, to strategizing and anticipating our family’s diverse & specific needs, she was both productively savvy and emotionally nimble. No one can wrap a baby like this woman, but she sure as hell will teach you a thing or two about baby carrying that will be life-changing! No doubt you will always want more of her, but then I think to myself how I’d hate to keep her from enriching another deserving family...and so we begrudgingly agree to let her go... into the wind.”

 -Kaia, mom of 2

"My husband and I reached out to Adriane at the recommendation of a friend when our baby started to have irregularities in is bedtime sleep at 4.5 months. He had been sleeping in his bassinet between 8-10 hours a night when out of nowhere, he started waking up 5+ times a night! Adriane had us to complete a thorough inventory of our son's sleep behaviors. She posed really thoughtful questions to help us figure out how to address his sleep progression. We then had a 90-minute consultation with her where she gave us very concrete recommendations on how to correct the sleep regression issue. No lie, we took her recommendations the very next night and our son fell asleep on his own within 7 minutes and slept through the whole night without any intervention needed. Adriane was a great listener and an excellent problem solver. We have been getting so much more sleep ever since we met with her and this has in turn improved our moods! We are so grateful for Adriane's support! She really knows her stuff!" 

-Suzanne and Omar

"Working with Adriane was exactly what I needed at the perfect time. I felt very seen and heard. And I felt like Adriane really got my baby and where she was at developmentally.  And we came up with a sleep plan based on both my and my baby’s needs.  I felt like I wanted something that was more gentle and conscious of my baby’s emotional development and I really found that with the sleep plan Adriane made for us." 


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