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If you're a doula interested in becoming a member, please reach out to us.


If you're a new/newish doula, our mentorship program might be a great fit for you.


  • Doulas meet with a dedicated mentor on a monthly basis

  • Option to attend bi-monthly virtual group learning (Q&A topic-based panels)

  • Continuing ed/networking opportunities with local perinatal professionals to build your resource list

  • A dedicated WhatsApp chat with access to a number of experienced birth & postpartum doula mentorsAccess to past ERDC mentorship Q&A topic-based panel recordings & continuing ed workshops as well as other useful resources to support and grow your work

  • Referrals - East River Doula Collective receives lots of inquiries for birth and postpartum support, and we are happy to recommend our mentees and offer them support along the way

If you're interested in applying for our next round of mentorship, which is planned for fall, please reach out to us.

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