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Classes, Support Groups, & Other Services


Scroll down to see our various offerings, which include birth classes, workshops, support groups, babywearing workshops, sleep consults. Contact us to learn even more about other services our doulas offer such as belly binding, placenta encapsulation services, postpartum meals, and more.

If you're a birth worker seeking community & continuing ed workshops, see our sister site here.

Birth Classes & Birth Stories Podcast

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ERDC's Director, Lisa Greaves Taylor, teaches several options of childbirth, newborn care/feeding and postpartum wellness classes/series:

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Lisa also hosts the BIRTH MATTERS podcast, which shares mostly NYC-based birth and fertility journey/TTC stories, plus childbirth education commentary based on topics that arise.

Babywearing Workshops & Sleep Consults

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Virtual Babywearing 101
with ERDC resident babywearing expert & postpartum doula, Adriane

Baby carriers do good things for babies. They help with feeding cues, settle gassy stomachs, build strength, lessen crying and improve sleep. They also allow parents to keep their children close while attending to their own needs. In the city, the practical benefits are obvious - it’s simply way easier to maneuver in tight spaces like buses, stairways and shops with a carrier - oh, and your hands are free too! This class is ideal for expectant families, and families with newborns, who are interested in choosing a new baby carrier and learning about all of their babywearing options in one sitting.

We recommend this 6-week, virtual supportive group that is hosted by ERDC doula alumni. This group is geared to pregnant people in the first and second trimester, and may be also be beneficial for those who cannot afford a private doula.

Join experienced ERDC doula alumni facilitators who've supported hundreds of families through their births & postpartum journeys as they facilitate conversation and community building during your postpartum time. 

Mending is a 6-week virtual circle facilitated by two or more East River Doula Collective doula facilitators for cesarean parents to be in community with one another  The vision for this group is to create a safe, loving space for sharing, listening and building connections. We meet weekly on Zoom for one hour, and each week is on a specific topic. Come with your questions, challenges and triumphs!

A portion of the (suggested donation) proceeds will be donated to a nonprofit working towards birth/reproductive justice.

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