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Healing Your Birth Story


The Healing Your Birth Series is for anyone who would like to process their birth story with others who may have experienced trauma during their birth and/or immediate postpartum period. Birth trauma comes in all shapes and sizes – all of which will be acknowledged and validated with the same respect and support.


The group is moderated by the Owner of The Astoria Doula Collective, Leigh Cohen, an experienced Birth and Postpartum Doula, and they are held in a safe, confidential and intimate space.



"My experience with Leigh and the trauma group was phenomenal. At first, it was a little scary to share my story but Leigh created such a supportive and safe space that I felt completely comfortable and wasn’t afraid of being judged. Each session, we covered a portion of the trauma book which was really helpful. Reading on my own helped contextualize and reflect on my own personal experiences of birth trauma and then in the group I was able to bring specific questions and share my trauma story with other women who had also been through a tough birth. After each session, I was able to better articulate my birth trauma, understand my unique experiences of trauma, and open up to my partner about the trauma I experienced. The experience left me empowered, confident, informed, and equipped to prepare for my second birth! Thanks to Leigh and all the amazing and strong women in the group for all the love and support!"

"I cannot say enough wonderful things about this birth trauma support group! After so many months of struggling with flashbacks from my birth experience and feeling misunderstood, isolated, depressed and anxious I finally found this group. Or I should say that the group found me. When Leigh reached out asking if I would be interested in joining, I immediately said yes. I didn't know what to expect but after our first session, I knew I made the right decision by attending and opening up about my experience. For the first time in over a year, I actually felt heard and understood! I was no longer alone. I have shared many tears with these women and allowed myself to be vulnerable which is not easy but such an important part of the healing process! Healing from birth trauma is not easy but this group gave me the tools to move forward in a positive way and it has truly been amazing. I leave each meeting with a happy heart and come out feeling a little lighter each and every time I get to connect with these ladies. I am so very thankful that I have had this opportunity to finally work on healing my birth story. I know my journey isn't over but this group has brought me so far and I look forward to continuing on the journey with the friends and support group I have established!"

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